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1700 - 1936

You are in a piece of history. This hotel was in fact a house built by the ancient Romans, at the time of the poet Catullo in Sirmione. The house appears already in the maps of 1700. This building saw many important moments in Italy’s history until the early twentieth century, when Bocchio family lived there.
The householder, Gaetano Bocchio, was also the mayor of Sirmione and the promoter of the thermal waters.
Gaetano had a brother, Emanuele, that married Giustina, and they had two children, Alice and Casimiro.
It was in the ‘30s when Casimiro fell in love with a girl that he often saw at the beach, she was Anna Bettinazzi, the person who appears in the pictures next to the reception, and aunt of the current owners.
They became engaged, and in 1936 only a pneumonia has to separate the two lovers. Casimiro Bocchio died leaving Anna alone. The last will of Casimiro were to leave this house to Anna.


In the Second World War all the family of Anna took refuge in this house, that was grazed by a bomb during one of the many airstrikes, but no one demaged.
After the war, Anna was forced to sell part of the house to pay for the restructuring of the side ruined by the bombardment.
In the 50's the house began to have the first guests, and Anna decided to rent some rooms with kitchen use.
Anna married in 1955 and decided to change from renting in a real hotel managment, after seeing that Sirmione was starting his new tourism business, so she began with dozen of rooms, that she called “Pensione Anna”. In 1960 Anna was economically helped from her sisters and built a second floor to increasing the number of rooms from ten to twenty. In addition, the new building offers a beautiful terrace overlooking the lake. Anna died in 1972, the dream and the Pensione Anna continued her activities.


A deep renovating took place in 1988. In this moment all the family Bettinazzi created a company that managed all the property, changing the name in “Hotel degli Oleandri”, because an oleander tree was near the house.


In 2000 Paolo and his daugther Carlotta took the managment activity and made a renovation of the second floor, added an elevator and air-conditioning system. During the construction of the lift they found a grinding wheel of a mill of medieval times. The mayor permitted them to hold the wheel in the same place where was found, as today, next to the elevator entrance, behind a glass.


In 2005 Paolo and Carlotta were ready to buy the part of the house that the aunt sold after the war. Today the Hotel degli Oleandri shines like never before.

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